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Birthday in the Dark

This is the perfect party for a birthday boy or girl! A party you will never forget!

Make Your Next Birthday Party Extraordinary

Move your party into Darkness! No more shimmering lights and blowing out Candles! Celebrate with your loved ones on our Birthday in the Dark for an exclusive experience.

Surprise-filled Celebration

Start with a Birthday Journey in a complete Dark, sensing the DARK with fun, playing interactive games in Dark, and even cutting a cake in Dark, this is really a thrilling experience for you.





Suitable for

8 years old or above

Ticket Price (Individual / Group)

Ticket Price
Plan A (1-8 participants) 2500
Plan B (9-16 participants) 4500
Plan C (17-24 participants) 7500
Plan D (25-32 participants) 9500

Refer to below Birthday in the Dark rundown
Birthday in the Dark rundown: PDF Download

Notes to All Types of Participants

  1. Highly recommend to reserve tickets in advance as capacity is limited.
  2. Experience is conducted in Cantonese. Please Contact us for English or Mandarin arrangements.
  3. Caretakers of persons with disabilities are also eligible for concessionary rate on a ratio at 1:1
  4. For any special assistance like a wheelchair, please study the Special Needs Visit Arrangements or contact us.
  5. The following participants are NOT allowed to join the experience due to safety concerns:
    • Pregnancy 
    • With heart disease or related diseases
    • With Claustrophobia
    • Severe mental illness / mental retardation / autism
    • Feeling uncomfortable, taking medicine or alcoholic drinks before tour
  6. Persons paying concessionary rate may be requested by us to produce a valid document for verification of eligibility. E.g. HKID, Student Card, Registration Card for People with Disabilities etc.
  7. All visitors are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to the experience time.
  8. Late-comers will not be admitted once the experience starts.
  9. Free secure lockers will be provided to keep your personal belongings.
  10. Photography or recording is prohibited during the experience.
  11. All light-emitting or illuminated Devices or Apparel is prohibited (for Dark experience only).
  12. Tickets sold are non-exchangeable, non-refundable after the transaction is completed and void if expired.
  13.  Please refer to Exhibition Terms and Conditions for more details.

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