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Our unique Experiences help you create a more strategic, efficient and competitive workforce

Our Commitment to You

Dialogue Experience dedicates to customize Transformative Learning Experiences employing the uniqueness of DARKNESS and SILENCE to meet the learning and professional objectives of your organization or team.

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Why Dialogue Experience?

Our learning and development consultancy services are

Unique in the Market

We are the ONLY licensed franchisee of Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH in Hong Kong to conduct various workshops in complete Darkness and in Silence.

Why Dialogue Experience?

Our learning and development consultancy services are

Powerful Experiential Learning

We create ideal transformative learning environment by pushing you out of your comfort zone – comfort does not lead to competency.

Why Dialogue Experience?

Our learning and development consultancy services are

Result Proven

A research was conducted by HKBU in 2014 on The Theory of Change proves transformative learning successfully changes one’s attitude and behavior

Why Dialogue Experience?

Our learning and development consultancy services are

Social Impact

Incorporate social values in business sector. Every purchase you make contributes to the kind of world you hope for.

Change Management

The only certainty is uncertainty. Well equip individuals, teams, and the organization to adapt and embrace our ever-changing world.

Resilience and Positive Mindset

You find opportunities instead of obstacles with a positive mindset. Through close interaction with our experienced trainers gives you guidance to face challenges.

Problem Solving

The condition of Dark or Silence boosts the ability and imagination when facing challenge with limited resources.


Communication does not necessarily limit to speaking and hearing. Let our program reset and unlock your potentials.

Effective Leadership

The effective and human-centered leaders lead from behind, and able to engage their team to work with collaboration and agility.

Staff Well-being

Bringing wellness to staffs helps in creating a happy, positive and energized workforce.

Client Engagement Event

Leave clients an extraordinary experience makes you stand out from other brands.

Annual Dinner and Celebration

Enjoy happy and memorable moments with events such as Dinner in the Dark and Silence Yum Cha etc.

Staff Retreat Day

Arrange a day out to refresh ourselves and reflect on rushing daily work, as well as to connect with the be loved ones to strengthen the bonding.

Caring Company Nomination

Caring Company Scheme is one of the well-known recognition schemes launched by HKCSS. Contact us to know more.

Volunteering Event

Arrange a fun and impactful event to retain like-minded talents with socially-conscious mind.

CSR Event

Community reaching event differentiate companies with social responsibility and caring.

Talent Acquisition

Provide you the highly qualified and stable PoD talents, with holistic supporting and follow-up service (include coaching and training).

Inclusive Corporate Culture Building

Staffs may recognize and appreciate the ability of PoDs* after joining our well-structured workshop. There is a precious moment to have close interaction and dialogue with them.

Inclusion & Accessibility Assessment

Inclusion is not an abstract concept. Upgrade the company website and office accessibility to show the inclusive culture through the fundamental software and hardware.

iCorp Certification

iCorp, Inclusive Corporate, recognizes and appreciates the ability and potential of PoDs* and believe they are valuable people capital that can contribute to the workforce.

We can customize YOUR events for groups in any size.

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