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WeCare is established to engage PoDs* to step out and serve the community, making a paradigm shift by changing their role from receivers to givers.

Anti-epidemic Action

Designed to support vulnerable groups during pandemic period, by delivering them sanitary packs, contacting them via regular caring calls, and educating them health information.  Throughout the program, our PoDs (People of Differences: visually impaired and hearing impaired staff) make a paradigm shift by changing role from receivers to givers. 

Target Beneficiaries

Vulnerable groups including visually impaired elderly, elderly under CSSA, low income families, refugees and needy in community

Group photo of PoDs colleague joining WeCare

Source and prepare epidemic care packs

Collect masks and hand sanitizers donation from general public and corporates and our PoDs (visually impaired and hearing impaired staff) prepare sanitary packs.

Dispatch epidemic care packs to vulnerable groups

Deliver epidemic care packs, interact and share preventive hygiene measures with the needy.

PoDs colleague visit the elderly
PoDs colleague Conduct caring calls

Conduct caring calls

PoDs manage regular 30-minute caring calls to target group on a weekly basis and provide emotional support.

Anti-pandemic education materials

We have also produced anti-pandemic education materials for the organization in need.

group photo of PoDs colleague and volunteers

Action from Mar 2020 till Now


Epidemic Care Pack for  Beneficiaries
(no of times)


Masks Delivered


Hand Sanitizers Delivered


Caring Call for Beneficiaries
(no of times)


Caring Call
(no of hours)


PoDs Involved
(no. of times)

We cordially invite you to support our WeCare Program

HK$200 – Epidemic Care Pack for 2 Beneficiaries
HK$500 – Epidemic Care Pack for 2 Beneficiaries and Subsidy for 2 visually impaired to serve the community
HK$1,000 – Epidemic Care Pack for 4 beneficiaries and emotion support training for PoDs to conduct 4-week Caring Calls

Supporting Organization/Project (in alphabetical order)

“Care for the Visually Impaired During Epidemic of COVID-19 in Hong Kong” Project
Centraline Group
Hong Kong Jockey Club Emergency Fund
Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation