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Inclusive Workplace

Nurture Inclusive & Diverse Culture

Build A Diverse Workforce

Benefit Business Development

Strengthen Corporate Branding

PoDs Recruitment

PoDs* are like other employees with skills and talents. Support for employing them helps unleash their potential and create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. We provide open employment & recruitment services, support and job matching to employers.

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“We are pleased to have joined the DE Empower program as a Champion. Through DE Empower, we recruited two PoD talents – Hok Hei and Shirley. They are responsible for administrative duties in our marketing team and customers service team respectively. They are able to complete their tasks independently in a detail-oriented manner with high accuracy which contribute to smoothen our team’s operation. Hok Hei and Shirley have nurtured our team’s design thinking especially in the way how we provide a people-oriented customer’s experience to inspire business visionaries to go beyond limits. As the first ever for-profit corporation in Hong Kong that obtained the B Corp Certification, we are proud to join them in redefining success in business, so that one day, everyone will use business as a force for good. We wish DE Empower would continue to provide PoDs with job-matching opportunities to nurture an inclusive society along this empowerment journey. “



“Dialogue Experience has been our partner of Inclusion and Diversity for some time. KPMG is so glad to also work with DE Empower to support inclusive employment and expand the talent pool. It’s a very amazing empowerment journey not just to enable disabled talents but also create a newfound value to embrace diversity and differences together for the team. A wonderful growth process to a new horizon of staff development with empathy and teamwork and discover valuable people capital indeed. We are looking forward to developing more fruitful synergy with Dialogue Experience in coming years.”



“We should accept individuals with disabilities and give them training opportunities. Ringo from DE Empower kept in mind that it was a real job and he took the internship seriously. His score of 68 in the final intern assessment almost met the company bar. Due to his continual diligence, the company offered him 3 months of probation. Ringo understood the company’s requirement and he put his best effort forward, reaching a score of 76. The company and his supervisor were very pleased to have him in the marketing team as a permanent staff. this success is due to his capability and endeavour.”