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Mini Concert in the Dark

Eliminate the excess, inspire the extraordinary 

Mini Concert in the Dark

2023.9.3 (SUN)

Mini Concert in the Dark was held successfully, thank you for your support!

Mini Concert in the Dark<br />
Mini Concert in the Dark

The end of an overture marks the start of another movement. Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation is going to hold the second night of “Mini Concert in the Dark”.  Performers of the concert include the social enterprise ADDOILMUSIC with their three young musicians − Dai Jo Kwok, Yoona Cheung and Trinity Chung, violinist Ding Yijie, amateur singer Karen Choo, and accordionist Sam Tsui. 


Through two hours of concert in complete darkness, the audience can enjoy the music without any distractions, and appreciate a concert that clears their mind. Imagine a world without light – how would we understand color? And have you ever wondered how individuals born blind perceive the world of color in their minds?  


Original tone, it could be the original key of music or the original color tone. “Mini Concert in the Dark” is a concert with sound only that will reinterpret color with music and imagination. Using the three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue, we will weave together heart-stirring movements of music. 


Color and music are intricately connected. Dialogue in the Dark will show you the true ‘original tone’ of the world. On 8 August, tickets will be available for purchase on the Dialogue in the Dark ticketing website. 

Concert Details

Date: 3 September 2023 (Sunday) 

Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm (arrive 15 mins before the concert starts) 

Venue: Dialogue in the Dark Jockey Club Dialogue Experience Place 

Ticket price: $350 (All seats will be randomly arranged) 

Remarks: Leaving the auditorium is not allowed and the show has no intermission. 

Performers (in alphabetical order)

1. ADDOILMUSIC and their musicians (Dai Jo Kwok, Yoona Cheung and Trinity Chung)

2. Ding Yijie

3. Karen Choo

4. Sam Tsui



Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation



Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund


Supporting Unit



Supporting Unit

True Colors Symphony

For enquiries, please email

Notes to Concert in the Dark Participants


1. Experience is conducted in Cantonese. Please Contact us for English or Mandarin arrangements.
2. For any special assistance like a wheelchair, please study the Special Needs Visit Arrangements or contact us.
3. The following participants are NOT allowed to join the experience due to safety concerns:
  • Pregnancy

  • With heart disease or related diseases

  • With Claustrophobia

  • Severe mental illness / mental retardation / autism

  • Feeling uncomfortable, taking medicine or alcoholic drinks before experience

4. All visitors are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to the experience time.
5. Late-comers will not be admitted once the experience starts.
6. Free secure lockers will be provided to keep your personal belongings.
7. Photography or recording is prohibited during the experience.
8. All light-emitting or illuminated Devices or Apparel is prohibited.
9. Tickets sold are non-exchangeable, non-refundable after the transaction is completed and void if expired.
10. Please refer to Exhibition Terms and Conditions for more details.